Friday, August 1, 2014

He'll Bat Left

I was discussing a very important issue with Sunday the other day, and I thought I’d include it here:  from which side of the plate will Jonah learn to bat?  I said that a left-handed batter and a right-handed catcher is a great combination.  Sunday, on the other hand, could not have cared less. 

These issues, like which side of the plate to learn to bat from, are issues that I believe are solely up to me. 

As I watched Jonah move around, however, I realized that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to decide if he’ll be a right-handed catcher or not.

I was trying to feed him during this month and we’re trying to get him to feed himself.  Since I am right handed and I am facing Jonah as I fed him, I usually handed the spoon to his left hand.  As he grabbed it with his left hand, he would deftly throw the spoon full of sweet potatoes and corn across our apartment as he giggled with delight.  I would take a step back, wiping the sweet potatoes from my eyes and ears, and think, “That’s a pretty good throw.  Quarterback or center fielder?”

Then, I would think, “Let’s see if he can do the same with his right hand.  Or, maybe he’s ambidextrous.  If he can hit the wall with his right arm, we’re in business.”  I would give him the spoon full, but this time in his right hand.  He would throw it, but it only would go as far as my forehead and bounce back.  While the velocity of the throw was impressive—I was temporarily dazed—I don’t think he could have hit the opposite wall. 

After this little experiment, I have continued to watch for left-handed preference, and I’ve found it everywhere. 

Things he does primarily with left hand:
1.  Gave me five.
2.  Waved bye-bye.
3.  Got his hand wet. (in toilet or sink)
4.  Threw things.  (see above narration.)
5.  Fed himself.  (see above narration.)

Yes, Jonah certainly progressed in his development.  I just don’t know how he’ll bat yet.

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