Friday, April 19, 2013

Duty #2: Packing the Bag

I love to camp.  I like the preparation, the challenge, and the cleanup afterward.  It’s great.  However, having a baby is like packing to go camping everywhere you go. 

Going to the store? 
Pack up your life. 

Going down the street? 
Pack up your life. 

Going to go crazy? 
Pack up your life.   

For a little baby boy who doesn’t officially “own” anything, I seem to be carrying many, many bags from to and from our apartment.  Here is a partial list of the things we packed for Jonah when we went home from the hospital.

Diaper bag, diapers, baby wipes, pacifiers (3), hats (4), socks (5 pair), onesies (4), fingernail clippers, hair brush, scissors, towels (4), washcloths (4), soap, lotion, ice water pitcher, blankets (5), mylicon, desitin, Vaseline, powder, and any other thing we could stuff in our bags. 

Something I realized about all this:  my son now has more stuff than I have.  And all his stuff is better than my stuff.  His bed is newer and better, his dresser is newer and better, his decorations are cuter (Snoopy is all over his room), his clothes are nicer, his toys are better, his closet is bigger and he gets a room by himself.  Amazing.   

I wonder when he’ll wake up and think, “Why am I living with these guys?  I’ve got all the nice stuff.”

While most of that stuff is not necessary for raising a healthy, happy boy—trust me, he doesn’t NEED four hats—it certainly gave Sunday a peace of mind. She felt good that he wouldn’t be cold or naked during the February that Jonah was born.

What she didn’t realize, is that I might throw out my back carrying all the junk Jonah needs to go to the grocery store.   

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